A rebuttal of consumer-based environmentalism

This Earth Day, we at the Virginia Youth Climate Cooperative’s Science Research Team want to challenge some commonly-held beliefs about individuals’ role in saving the planet from the perils of climate change.

From childhood, many of us are told that we have the power to save the planet just by…

Isabel Brittin

Leading into the November elections, and even the weeks following, America’s political climate was tense as voters anxiously waited for results to be declared. However, with all states having finalized their votes, former Vice President Joe Biden has clinched the Presidency with a total of 306 electoral votes.

Already Biden…

Henry Haggard and Akshara Santoshkumar, VAYCC student ambassadors, have interviewed the former director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Virginia, Claire Gastañaga as part of VAYCC’s voter education initiative.

Accessibility has become a major issue during the pandemic due to the shift from mainly in-person to absentee voting…

Virginia Youth Climate Cooperative

A Medium Publication by VAYCC, an intersectional youth-led activism organization fighting for climate justice in Virginia.

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